Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Ramos replaces Schuster ahead of Barcelona game

Real Madrid has announced that manager Bernd Schuster has been dismissed and that he will be replaced by former Tottenham, Sevilla and Barcelona B manager Juande Ramos, who has signed a contract until the end of this season.


Anonymous said...

He's praying for mercy already... Don't know about this guy. Did some wonderful things with Sevilla but wasn't impressive working at Tottenham. I don't think any coach can lift the Madrid squad as it is now (could be different after the january transfers).

Anonymous said...

it will be a much harder game this week end. they're all going to be fired up to impress the new coach. with ramos in charge i predict a good second half of the season for madrid. they're going to buy some player and they also going to look better physically and this usually means less injuries. should be interesting next week end.

Anonymous said...

that was the worst move they could have done... you DON'T replace your coach ahead of an el clasico or any other important game.... I believe that Ramos is a mediocre trainer and the only good thing about that would be Barca scoring 5-6 goals....

Anonymous said...

This could be the Madrid line-up (if Sneijder and Drenthe don't get fit):


Salgado Metzelder Cannavarro Ramos

Guti Gago van der Vaart

Higuain Saviola Raul

Looks like a really weak team to me...

Anonymous said...

Gago will not play because he is suspended.He took 5 yellow cards and he will miss el clasico!

Anonymous said...

That's Marcelo. I don't think Gago is suspended.

Anonymous said...

The only player barcelona should try to sign in january

would be ryan babel

or try to buy in the summer

first off his young can play in the forward line usually playing left wing is tall and fast also wants to leave liverpool and can really be seen as a bargain and he is familiar with the 4-3-3 system

txiki an barcelona ryan babel is your man it would be a very good and very smart buy

Anonymous said...

wrong time mate. He should have taken the job after the clasico.. not a good way to start Ramos

Anonymous said...

I hope he will be successful as much as he have been in Tottenham. Under his helm they can only go down. Well, that's my wish, but, to be honest, he is adapted to Primera. His players will do everything to show their best in front of his eyes at Classico. The only thing that must be important ahead of this game is NOT to underestimate RM. That would be bad. Good thing is that Barca is unbeatable at this moment and that should guarantee the new 3 points next weekend.

P.S. Talking about Babel, he really is excellent player, but I don't think Liverpool would sell him.
It's frustrating (to me) that Barca miss to get such a players like Babel, Torres and especially Ribery.

Erikoisasiantuntija said...

With Juande Ramos replacing Bernd Schuster as Real Madrid coach we take a look back at the timeline of the 11 coaches in charge at the Bernabeu over the past 10 years.

Guus Hiddink 1998 - 1999

John Toshack 1999

Vicente Del Bosque 1999 - 2003

Carlos Queiroz 2003 - 2004

Jose Antonio Camacho 2004

Mariano Garcia Remon 2004

Vanderlei Luxemburgo (pictured) 2004 - 2005

Juan Ramon Lopez Caro 2005 - 2006

Fabio Capello 2006 - 2007

Bernd Schuster 2007 - 2008

Juande Ramos 2008 - present

(From Eurosport.com)

Anonymous said...

In the recent years, RM manager can sit on the post for 1 season only regardless of whether the team won the league or not. Very poor management.

Anonymous said...

It had to be Schuster's "no team can win at Camp Nou..." attitude that was the deciding factor...

Anonymous said...

Well, based on his transformation of Sevilla, and his will to play good football, its a good ploy for the entertainment value of La Liga, but one of the reasons he did so badly at Spurs, and even Daniel Levy admitted it, is that he failed to get the respect of the majority of his players, and thus had to go sadly, because they werent motivated. Madrid is a team known for having a diva esque mentality, so Im not sure he's the right coach for the right job.

Anonymous said...

yet i am still concerned this could give real that much needed boost i would be very aprehensive over this i no he isnt a great manager n real arnt in top form but this could be a burst of life for them im a lil worried but have total faith

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