Monday, 28 April 2008

Eto'o for sale

Spanish football weekly paper Don Balón claims that Barcelona president Joan Laporta has decided to put Barcelona forward and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o (27) for sale in the summer. Barcelona is tempted by the idea of starting a new era with a clean sheet. The new team would be built around Iniesta, Messi and Bojan.

Several reasons are mentioned for the decision to sell Eto'o. His declarations of last week about wanting to leave if the club doesn't win a trophy next year (read more
here) were - once again - not appreciated by the Barcelona board nor by his team-mates. Nor by the fans, who never really have connected with Eto'o like they have done or all still doing with players like Ronaldinho or Messi.

Some people also suggest that Eto'o, due to several serious injuries over the last two years, has lost that extra pace and strength that he had before and will therefore never be the same decisive player he once was. His performances in the last Champions League games (no more goals after the group stage) could support this thesis. Selling the Cameroonian forward would also result to be an economicly lucrative operation which would allow Barcelona invest more in the new team.

All this leads Barcelona to be willing to listen to offers coming in for Eto'o during the summer transfer window. Chelsea and Tottenham would be considering to make a bid.

When discussing the transfer of Dinamo Zagreb midfielder Luka Modric (read more here), Tottenham manager Juande Ramos said in an interview with Croatian sports paper Sportske Novosti that he needs players like Modric and Eto'o to close the gap with the English top-four clubs Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool: "You cannot do anything overnight, I'm setting up a project for the next five seasons. For great achievements you need great players like Eto'o and Modric, who we have just signed."

Don Balón claims that Eto'o is not at all considering to leave Barcelona this summer. The player would nevertheless have asked his agents to sound out the market to know more about the transfer price European top clubs would be willing to pay for him.

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Anonymous said...

Barca is never going to sell eto'o. only if Benzema, Ibra or Cristiano Ronaldo join Barca...

Anonymous said...

That would be very bad decision...Eto'o is still a decisive. And mainly he fights for our color, always leaves his soul on the pitch...thats not the case of Ronaldinho.

Anonymous said...

Would be a bad decision. They should renew him instead!

Anonymous said...

i dont think they will sell him , but if he leaves he should go to arsenal in england and play for a great team.

btw : check out

Anonymous said...

I am not taking anything away from Iniesta,Messi or kirkic but you cannot build around such young players with almost not much experience.Only Arsernal does things like that.A slow Eto'o as they claim has played 15 games and scored 14 goals.If Barca could hold up defensively they would have won the title this season.Be objective when you write ur issues.The back line of Barca has been a total mess and that needs to be looked at.Then Ronaldinho's commitment is nowhere close to Eto'o's commitment and he must have said he is living but alot of players say that to multivate their teamates

Anonymous said...

eto'o is the greatest striker in the world.. it doesnt matter wat his condition is, but always scores goals. he plays for the club and for the fans... he just cant be replaced with any other. the problem with barca supporters, they're so fragile and always forget, whistling at eto'o and deco, like they're the only ones to blame... WHAT ABOUT VALDEZ!!! and that's been the case from a long time.

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