Friday, 11 April 2008

Eto'o could be Fenerbahçe star transfer

While Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Inter Milan is also keeping an eye on the Cameroonian striker, Turkish sports paper Fanatik (followed by all other major Turkish media) claims that Barcelona forward Samuel Eto'o (27) could join Turkish top club Fenerbahçe in the coming transfer window.

After being linked with Barcelona forward Thiery Henry (read more
here) and Barcelona playmaker Ronaldinho (read more here), Eto'o could in the end be the star player Fenerbahçe president Aziz Yildirim has promised to bring in. The president declared earlier this week: "We will sign someone who's as famous as Roberto Carlos but who is not Brazilian."

Eto'o is said to consider leaving Barcelona in the summer because of the bad times the club is going through and because of the racist attacks the player has suffered in Spain. The Cameroonian would already have contacted Galatasay central defender Rigobert Song to ask his compatriot about the Turkish league and life in Istanbul.

Former Fenerbahçe player Oktay Derelioglu was quoted in the Turkish press claiming that the Turkish champion already found a deal with the Cameroonian international: "Yes, Fenerbahçe has reached an agreement with Eto'o. Now, they are trading with Barcelona. There is a 99% chance Eto'o will be wearing Fenerbahçe's jersey next year."

Fanatik says that Fenerbahçe would have offered Barcelona 40 million euro° for the player but that Barcelona rejected the bid. Madrid sports tabloid Marca claims that Fenerbahçe could be willing to higher the bid up to 90 million euro*, a sum that was originally made available for the transfer of Ronaldinho (read more here). Player's agent and Fenerbahçe trust person Dino Pasalic, who brought Roberto Carlos to Turkey, is said to be involved in the negotiations.

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pep said...

° 40 million euro =

63 million us dollar
32 million british pound

* 90 million euro =

142 million us dollar
72 million british pound

Anonymous said...

dont read any turkish press they re the worst in the world

Anonymous said...

Worse than the British and Spanish tabloids? One cannot believe it... ;-)

I have to say: Eto'o to fenerbahce, that's impossible. Although they got Roberto Carlos. But he was way over the hill already while Eto'o is in his best years.

Anonymous said...

Oktay Derelioglu is not a fenerbahce official. He is ex fenerbahce player but not different than anyone in turkey. About Eto'o, no way that could happen! Fenerbahce can't afford that much money..There is a rumour that Godiva(ulker group) takes part in this transfer with 40 or 24 mil euros in exchange for commercial revenues and sponsorship..Henry rumour was much more realistic than this one.

pep said...

My Turkish not being excellent( ;-) ), I thought there was something about it. I looked for the guy on Wikipedia and he still seems to be an active player but I thought he maybe was combining the two jobs, being at the end of his career.

Anyway: thanks for the reamrk, I'll change it!

Anonymous said...

Well, most of the transfer news are rumor in Turkish media. But when the news about Roberto Carlos was in the air, some people from some club management had said that "Fenerbahce can only buy his jersey..." then Fenerbahce did bring RC to Istanbul and of course those plp did not get happy with the situation. Now some other news... They can be rumor or real. We can't be sure for now. But if Aziz Yildirim has said that he's gonna get a world class footballer than he will. It may not be Eto but someone else.

Anonymous said...

There is so many people who haven't got a clue as to what they are talking about. Firstly, Fenerbahce at the moment is amoung the 3 richest clubs in the world. They have an amazing fan bass which is making them strong economically and therefore making them stonger on the pitch. This is then why Fenerbahce are looking to buy a huge name like Eto'o... because they can and they want to further improve and keep excitment amoung their overwhelming number of supporters. Now the question purely lies with Eto'o as to if he is going to choose one of the more popular clubs over a club which is more recently bursting onto the world and european scene.

Anonymous said...

the pleyer who comes is Kanoute...;)

and Baptista also...;)

still wait and look...

Anonymous said...

frist of all fenerbahce is no way near the third richest club in the world. Was that a joke or what? i never heard of fenerbahce until this year. They are nameless, they may have performed well this season but they need more experience. Rob. Carlos is good but he is getting old. Alex has two years left and he will be washed up. Kezmen is horrible, i dont know what happen to him, probablly eating to much turkish kebabs. that young kid Semih is horrible as well, all his goals were tap in`s, he has no ball contoll. I like Kazim, he will grow to become a good player, the goal keeper Volkan is good to. to sum things up Fenerbahce needs to get rid of their garbage.

Anonymous said...

I agree but fenerbahce may become good. i hear the galatasaray will become extremely rich in the year to come. They have a new stadium and will sell their old one to some big time company for alot of hundred millions. If anything that team will become the richest team in turkey.

Anonymous said...

GS has exchanged the land where its old stadium was, with a newly built stadium. The old stadium will be given to the government. Saying that they will have lots of money is not quiet correct. You clearly have read something about this deal, but have only understood half..

Anonymous said...

Some ignorance here. You can not be rich by selling your stadium (Galatasaray). You need multiple strams of income on an ongoing basis.

For those who do not eleive that Fenerbahce is not the third richest club in the world: Go read something; a lot changed since Red Star and Benfica was in the scene.

Moreover, Fenebahce's roots go way back in history, as it was founded in 1907.

It's just that, you should appreciate the success of the club as we do for others.

And... unite against RACISM.


Anonymous said...

As shares of Turkey’s Fenerbahçe gain 67 percent since June 19, the club’s market value reaches $2 billion. With its stock performance, Fenerbahçe outpaces Manchester United, which ranked first with $1.8 billion on Forbes’ May list
That should say enough!!!!

Unknown said...

Eto'o admits "serious offer" from Fenerbahce, so, why not? this transfer shit happens around two things, first money, than carreer. If he agrees, than he will go to a club, whose manager is the winner of last euro cup, he will play with 2 top scorrers guiza and semih, with r.carlos, alex, kezman, deivid, lugano, edu, volkan, (maybe) appiah etc. these names are all well known players and this team went through the champions league quarter finals last year, and aiming a final this year. just think about this, if this team wins the cl, then in which place would you place him? if milan wins the tournament, then its normal, but if fenerbahce wins? then there will be a success story with golden names there and if enough money is paid, then every player who has nuts, would give a shot I believe...

Anonymous said...

Fenerbahce has a $2 billion market share surpassing the value of Manchester United. They just signed Guiza for 18 Mil Euros costing around 30 mil Euros all together for a 4 year deal. He is the top scorer of Spanish league. Eto'o is not impossible. It just his choice. Money shouldnt be a problem for Fenerbahce since they can get sponsor's to finance the terms.

Anonymous said...

hey, Fenerbahce is currently the richest club in the world so far, with a money share of 5.3 billion $ currently, so fenerbahce could buy any player they want.

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