Monday, 12 January 2009

Liga 18: Osasuna-Barcelona 2-3



Keita (76 Bojan)

Eto'o (88 Touré)
Henry (64 Iniesta)

45 Eto'o 0-1
62 M. Flaño 1-1
72 Pandiani 2-1

80 Xavi 2-2
84 Messi 2-3


yellow cards



out of match squad

Víctor Sánchez

1. Barcelona 47
2. Real Madrid 35
3. Sevilla 35
4. Valencia 34
5. Atlético 30
6. Villarreal 30
7. Deportivo 30



Ramzi said...
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Ramzi said...

My 5 cents about the game:

1)Valdes has no responsibility for the goal conceeded. I think Alves-in the first place- need to improve his positioning and cover to deal with crosses to far post, this is the second time in one week.

2) Some may wonder Why pep kept Keita and substituted Henry, and I think that was smart because he wanted to change the offense dynamics having iniesta and Xavi pushing forward and he wasnt able to substitute keita in a period of dominance for osasuna, because that mean either Xavi or iniesta will have to stay far from Osasuna Box to help Busquets, so in that mean it was logical to substitute Henry instead, keeping Keita in the midfield with Busquets so Xavi move forward.

3) I think one of the reasons why Messi scored that goal is that he actualy have that thing called "selfishness" and I call it "character and instinctive style -if thats english or else translate". A normal player in that crucial time will not take that difficult shot in that crucial time while 4 teammates are placing themselves in and arround the box for a pass, it was not just a shot from the edge of the box, after the run he made and the way his body was positioned, it is a supernatural shot actually. I hope it make us understand his style more, because he lost lot of balls in this game also, but for any other player the brain give signals for the rest of the body as orders to fullfill, with messi every flesh, drop of blood and cell in his body operate independently and "football programed", thats what make him a footballer by nature, not only a great football academy graduate with some talent.

4) Pep will definitly show the Video of that incident!Messi and co need to learn that when you want to stop the game so an injured player get a treatment, you throw the ball outside, u dont just leave it counting on the good well of the opposition, it was going to cause us a goal, and it stressed us when we needed to focus.

5) BIG CREDIT for osasuna, the players who played with heart, the great coach specially with the substitutions he made and changed the game, and most importantly the Fans who were not only the 12th player but the MOTM for osasuna causing lot of troubles for our players, and I think this game showed that we need to work more on this level -Mental strength- because to play in old traford in a CL semi final, you need to have nerves made of steel beside skills and talent, I didnt see it lastnight.

6) When (not if...,when) we lose a game sooner or later, I can understand being critical about the game - something we have to do even when we win- but I hope no one will start directly doubting the whole project including pep and his squad, Why am I saying so? because I saw the signs -on some posts on blogs-and some started to look for their old wips, only few seconds before Messi goal.

We broke some records lastnight, and there is more to come.

kamikaze kontiki said...

And we should give Toure a better deal coz Busquets is nowhere close to ready. Neither can he do the job Toure does nor does he know when is the opportune moment to indulge in his childish play-acting.

Harshawardhan said...

yesterday was a game where i wouldnt have been too sad even if we lost.. come on.. there have to be games where barca may lose or draw..
sometimes i think we demand too much from the team.. i noticed people's behaviour on the chat yesterday and when we were down, people went into panic mode.. "whats pep doing" etc.. come on people.. pep knows what he's doing.. relax and let him do his job. he and the players are trying their level best.. so we shouldnt go about critiquing wildly..
even if we lose a game or two, its completely allright.. we should cut it a bit slack for our players i feel..

kamikaze kontiki said...

er.. are we under the impression that pep, is reading this blog, taking note of the chat, feeling the pressure of a thousand panicking cries while away in the Basque highlands ? We all get carried away, mate though its often difficult to decide who has the most. :)

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