Friday, 30 January 2009

Barcelona monitoring Porto centre back Alves

Portuguese newspaper 24 Horas claims that Barcelona could soon make a move for Porto central defender and Portuguese international Bruno Alves (27).

Barcelona would have been following the performances of Alves closely over the last months. Barcelona's technical staff is positive about the player's qualities and Barcelona could soon start negotiating a transfer with Porto. An exit of Milito and a loan of Cáceres could make a spot available for Alves, even with henrique probably returning from loan next season.

Bruno Alves renewed his contract with Porto last year until 2012, with his new contract including a year salary of 1,2 million euro and a buyout clause of 30 million euro°. The central defender would nevertheless have a verbal agreement with his club that they would accept to start talking with interested clubs for a transfer fee around 20 million euro°.

Asked about Bruno Alves being linked with Barcelona, Washington Alves, the Brazilian father and manager of the player, told the paper that he's aware of a certain interest: "Barcelona is monitoring him. But other clubs, like Chelsea, are doing the same. It could be an option for the future but you should ask Porto about these things."

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pep said...

20-30 million euro =

26-39 million us dollar
18-27 million british pound

Bogman said...

But why? This seems like a really strange deal no matter how good he is.

boX said...

20m ??? WTF?? If Henrique returns why do we need B Alves?? If we must go for quality CB lets bring Mexes or Santacroce and for 20m surely we can bring one of this guys or sent Gudjohnsen in the other way.. Visca el Barca!!!

SimonP said...

Well we have Puyol, Marquez, Milito, Pique, Caceres and Henrique next season. If Alves comes I think 3 of them need to leave. I think we should sell Milito and loan out Caceres/Henrique for next season. You don't need more then 4 centrebacks in a club.

Puyol - Marquez
Pique - Henrique

ilias said...

Why would you ever get rid of (a fit) Milito?
Teamed up with puyol it's one of the best CB-duo's in la liga.

Citizen said...

@ilias: uh...did you see Puyol-Milito play together last season? disastrous, because though both are world class, they both have the same style and roam all over the place. That's why we bought Piqué & Henrique, to be the Márquez type that works so well with Puyol.

SimonP said...

Puyol - Milito isn't really working that good. They are too much alike and shouldn't be on the same pitch together unless Puyol plays fullback.

I think Milito isn't as good as he was in Zaragoza right now and he might never come back to his former glory.

I think Marquez is better then Milito and he have done so much more for the club so if it were between one of them it would be a no-brainer for me.

Noone in the trio Henrique/Caceres/Pique should leave permanently. They are the future of our defence but I wouldn't oppose a loan for at least 1 of them.

HouseMD said...

He doesn't worth more than 10-12M. It is better to focus on buying attacking left full-back.
Some propositions:
- Adriano (Sevilla) - best choice (to me)
- Zhirkov (CSKA) - he proved his great value (and great talent) at EC 2008
- Taiwo (OM) - he's good choice, because he could accept bench role easier

skanjos said...

house forgot lahm,who is currently the best choise,heck he is the dani alves of left side....

crappy rumor i think.we dont need any cb ,as said by many we only need a left back a gk( and a winger for sub??iniesta main left winger spot taken hehehe)

kamikaze kontiki said...

you said it skanjos

Wonder what kind of a defender Henrique is. Is he the type with good positional sense (Marquez-Pique type) or the dogged man-marker type (puyol) .

pep said...

Definetely the first type, kamikaze. Technical, good passing, long ball. Which is what Guardiola apparently likes: defenders who can start the built-up from behind. The opposite of Caceres, so to say.

kamikaze kontiki said...

Thats great. cant wait to see him in action. Do i detect a slight disinclination towards Caceres, pep? Rarely see you expressing an opinion here.

kamikaze kontiki said...


Areign said...

theres not enough room for two alves's on the team

pep said...

No, no, just an observation. And if it would be a disinclination, then it rather would be towards the club for paying 16,5 million euro for a player that doesn't seem to fit the scheme of the coach. We'll see, it's too early to judge on the player.

denari said...


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