Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Player of the Month: September

1. Andrés Iniesta
2. Lionel Messi
3. Samuel Eto’o

Based upon your votes in the "man of the match" polls, a "player of the month" will be chosen. Since this blog only started the "man of the match" polls after the Sporting Gijón game, this is actually a "player of the last week of the month" election. Next month, we'll start for real.

Man of the match polls during the month September:

1. Iniesta 67%
2. Messi 13%
3. Xavi 10%
complete results

1. Eto'o 49%
2. Messi 26%
3. Gudjohnsen 11%
complete results

1. Messi 33%
2. Henry 14%
3. The whole team 14%
complete results


Anonymous said...

Hey, Shouldn´t Messi be the player of the month? When he has 72% al together?

pep said...

Iniesta has more than 80 all together... Check the full results ;)

For this time, I have just counted the percentages, maybe we should think about another way. Although maybe not, we'll see.

Unknown said...

unbelievable... where is xavi ????!!!! inesta wins hands down but xavi is no 2 surely

pep said...

I think Xavi had his best games at the start of the month, Marc, that's probably why he's not there (since only the last three games are counted).

Anonymous said...

Well deserved win for Iniesta. He has played his heart out and put his skills to very good use and that too at a time when urgently needed. Do keep in mind, that this is not his natural position (He was a midfielder). He has gracefully stepped up to the task and now left wing looks as threatening as the right side.

For the player of the month, instead of simply adding up the percentages, they should be weighted by the total number of people who voted in each of the polls. So the formula shud be ---

( Number of people voted) X (percentage in favour of the player )added up for each match divided by the total number of people who voted in all the matches.

Example - percentage for iniesta wud be (number of voters in match 1) X (Percentage for Iniesta in match 1) + (number of voters in match 2) X (Percentage for Iniesta in match 2) and so on for all matches divided by (number of voters for match 1) + (number of voters for match 2) and so on

Anonymous said...

all formulas have weeknesses the one that you say it would be better if we play against madrid and man of the match is lets say silvinho tha number of votes will be like 20 % or 30 % more than the other games and no matter what sylvinho will be the man of the month.. i just want to say that no formula is perfect!!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. This formula has the weakness of putting more weight on matches for which vote count is high.My bad:)

In such a case, calculating player of the month from matches is not a good idea. A separate poll should be taken every month after displaying information on man of the match votes for that month.

pep said...

"(Number of people voted) X (percentage in favour of the player )added up for each match divided by the total number of people who voted in all the matches."

Still figuring it out, Sid, but couldn't you obtain the same result by just counting up the votes...

Like Kempe says all formulas have their weaknesses. Although I also think that most formulas will give (more or less) the same result.

A separate poll at the end of the month for example has the weakness that it's not always easy for people to really remember all the games (and the performances of each player) of that specific month and make a global judgment. Plus: not all people have seen all the games, so then they're only judging on the games they've seen.

I think the number of votes is pretty stable at this moment, so with simple counting the votes or the percentages, we're probably getting there.

Still thinking about it (anyone having a winning formula can bring it up) but I think I will count the percentages and when I see it's close, I will count the votes too, with the latter being decisive.

Whatever the formula, I think Messi is already the main candidate for the Player of the month October...

Tohar Investment Limited said...

a well win and reward for iniesta. he is worth the player of the month of september bcos he is really outstanding in almost all the matches we played this i dont think we should do parcial in claiming messi is the worth. though i want messi should be for next month.but i'm charging iniesta to try harder for this kind of award by we fans.those guys are really fantastic.i love them both and the rest of the team players.

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