Friday, 12 September 2008

Valiente satisfied about move to Sevilla

Asked about his debut last weekend with second division team Sevilla Atlético, the second team of first division club Sevilla, former Barcelona Atlètic player Marc Valiente (21) said to Madrid sports tabloid As that it has been a positive experience:

"I just started training one week before but I felt really confident on the pitch. I arrived at a club and a city where everyone treats me very well.

I know some see me as the star transfer of the team and after having played some games as midfielder, people started to compare me with Guardiola but those are excessive words. I just work to be Marc Valiente without having to be compared to another football player. For now I'm just concentrating on Sevilla B and working for the team. But in the longer term, I indeed would like to be promoted to the first team."

Valiente had already said the same things in an interview with his club's official television channel earlier this week: "There was a lot of expectation because of my arrival. But what I want at this moment is to play the majority of the matches in the second division. If there's a possibility to make my debut with the first team, the better. But the main thing is that we now are all involved with the B team. A big club needs to aspire to have the B team at the highest possible level.

Sevilla is working really well with their youth players so I'm very grateful to the technical department of the club for giving me this chance. I really wanted to come here and therefore I'm happy. To keep on making progress I needed to make a step forward like this one. Although fourth and third division are very competitive too, the best thing to get better was to join Sevilla."

Because Barcelona has the right to buy Valiente back at the end of this season (read more here), this blog will follow the performances of the central defender during the season.

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Anonymous said...

Buy him back at the end of the season and loan him out

Anonymous said...

Uh yeah I'm sure Valiente would be happy to be thrown around from club to club just so we could keep his rights.

We'll buy him back under the right circumstances, but the player would have to see a future at Barca as well or he won't agree.

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