Thursday, 11 September 2008

Deco about exit (1): "I left in mutual agreement"

In an interview with Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo, former Barcelona midfielder Deco (31) talked about his transfer from Barcelona to Chelsea this summer.

Don't you feel you left Barcelona in a rather negative and cold way?
No, absolutely not. It was a mutual agreement between the club and myself. They told me that they didn't count on me any longer, that I had to look for a club and that's what I did. You shouldn't try to analyse it too much. It was something strictly professional.

You don't regret not having been able to say goodbye to the fans?
I would have liked to do that, but it wasn't possible since things suddenly went quick, the European championships were there and soon after I joined Chelsea. But in any case, there's enough time and I think football will give me the chance to say goodbye in the Camp Nou to the fans who liked and respected me, like I did with them. They are the best thing about the club.

Are you serious here?
I'm really serious. The Barcelona fans always treated me very good until some rumours were maliciously spread about me. I can assure that I even played when I was injured, but all this is history now, there's no need to talk about it anymore. For me, Barcelona is an unforgettable memory. You know very well that I was longing to play with this club for a long time before. I could make my dream come true, win trophies and now life goes on.

You hoped for a different treatment by the board?
No, my relation with president Laporta has always been good and sincere. I realize very well that the club Barcelona is bigger than the people, the managers, the players, the officials, the press... The club is from the socios and will be there for many more years, while people will come and go. I can only say that I'm taking Barcelona with me in my heart.

Did you talk with Guardiola?
No, but it wouldn’t have changed anything since my future had already been decided upon. They publicly told that they didn’t count on me or Ronnie or Samu. Maybe they spoke a little too quick, as if they were in a hurry trying to find some guys that were guilty for the bad results.

(Tomorrow you'll have the second part of this interview.)

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Anonymous said...

Great player...every team can use a Deco in form

Anonymous said...

What he said is true...Barca shouldnt have told in public that they dont count on deco, ronaldinho and should have been kept to themselves. At least that way, we could have gotten a bit higher when we sell them.

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