Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Are you really fine, Thierry?

- I don't want to say anything, but in my opinion, that soar throat epidemic did us a favour.

- Well, despite you not saying anything, I totally understand you.

You're sure you can play.

I'm sure.

You have already recovered?

Yes, I'm perfectly fine.

If I was you I wouldn't force myself.

Relax, I'm fine.

You wouldn't want to rest for 2 or 3... or 4 games?

Do you prefer that I don't play?

No, not at all... What makes you think that?

Of course... How could I say such a thing.

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Ramzi said...

This is getting sick!
It seems there is a huge determination to ruin the team, from those who love it, and those who hate it...

groga said...

I think the general feeling in Catalunya is that Henry is an expensive misbuy. Now it's up to him to prove them wrong with his performances...

fcbee said...

Henry is just unlucky that he got ill and Iniesta played a world class game. Of course people prefer him at the left now.

Kxevin said...

Now it's up to Guardiola to continue what he tried a bit against Sporting Lisbon, which was Henry and Eto'o as a dual-striker tandem, with someone else floating right and Messi bombing in just in the wake of those two.

The Catalan media can go suck eggs, frankly. They are always out to destroy. The history has always been that certain players can do no wrong, just as it doesn't matter what certain other players do, they are always wrong.

Henry was one of the best players on the pitch against Sporting Lisbon, for which he received about zero credit. He has always said that he would play left wing, but that it wasn't where he would be at his best.

As I've said previously, the rest is up to the club. Use him properly and let him sink or swim, or sell him. The rest is just silly.

refter said...

He did get credit, Kxevin, and he will get more if he can have a series like that with him playing well and the team winning.

In the end it all comes down to performances.

noubarca said...

did u say perfomances, well I am sure Messi wouldnt be the same if he has to play the whole season the left flank. I say its all about MAXIMIZING your players potentials. let Henry and Samu alternate betwwen LF/CF and we would all see the Henry we paid for!

denari said...

They're funny, you gotta give that to them.

stu said...

personally i think that eto'o and henry should be rotating, i'd like to see what henry does as a center forward after all his eternal bitching about playing on the wing. even though throughout his career at arsenal all his best moments are attacking from the left.

this distresses me though because i'd prefer to see bojan as the 1st substitute for eto'o in all situations, and bojan getting starts when eto'o needs a rest or in cup games.

iniesta has proved that he can be a world class attacking midfielder coming from the left, which leaves xavi, keita, toure and busquets to boss the midfield which is absolutely awesome. we've also seen iniesta struggle on the left though, so as soon as i see more consistency from andres as a left wing attacker i'll have faith in him there. not to say i don't have faith in him, hes one of my favorite players, but clearly his #1 position is in the midfield.

Anonymous said...

Iniesta > Henry

He is an expensive misbuy, by all accounts he has not lived up to expectations and his wage is MASSIVE. I say give him some minutes as a sub for Eto'o before january, if he isn't prolific at CF, I'd reinvest in an aerial threat.

Anonymous said...

Guardiola will ruin this team if he keeps sidelining Henry. Like him or now, he is the top goalscorer for the team. Also stop putting him on the left, he is a striker for God's sake. Guardiola is letting all these kids play, and bombing so many chances that could have been goals! I feel like it's a personal punishment for something Henry might have, or haven't done. Either way Pep is out of order. It's a disgrace!!

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