Saturday, 19 April 2008

Mourinho postpones return decision

Former Chelsea manager José Mourinho (45) says in an interview with British newspaper The Times that he enjoyed his time off since he left Chelsea last September but that he's now ready to return to the bench: "I had time to do things that I don’t have when I’m working. But now it’s enough. I will be somewhere next season. I’ve not agreed anything but it’s a good time for me for many reasons. I will come back with the same motivation as always."

Although the manager did not talk himself to any club, his agent has recently turned down a number of interesting deals, including international jobs. And while it first was thought that Mourinho wanted to make a quick decision allowing him to start preparing next season as soon as possible and avoiding the risk of being left without a top club (read more
here and here), the Portuguese manager now declares that a decision should not be expected in the next few weeks: "I had some good options this month. Some good clubs and some good countries. But I decided to wait until the beginning of next season. That is right for me."

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