Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Deal with Sevilla on Alves

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona could have closed a deal with Sevilla for the transfer of Sevilla right back Daniel Alves (24). One of the most influent Barcelona board members would have taken up the negotiations, personally holding talks with Sevilla president José María del Nido.

In the end, Barcelona would pay between 28 and 30 million euro° for Alves, having tried to lower the price offering 22 million euro* plus Barcelona right winger Giovani Dos Santos (18), something that was rejected by the Sevilla president. Once the deal with Sevilla is formalized, Barcelona will have to find an agreement with the player (read more here).

After his last summer's veto on letting the player go because he really wanted Alves there for Sevilla's first participation in the Champions League, Sevilla president Del Nido would have promised the right back that he would be more flexible this summer. With Sevilla uncertain to qualify for next season's Champions League, Sevilla knows it won't be possible to hold on to the player.

Although Real Madrid could be preparing a huge offer for the player, including 30 million euro plus Getafe midfielder (with a Madrid buy-back option) Rubén de la Red, Alves would have asked his club to only negotiate with Barcelona. The Brazilian international prefers the Barcelona way of playing and the player loves the city, which he knows very well since his agent José Rodríguez 'Rodri' Baster is living there.

pep's opinion:
After Sport claiming last week that Barcelona had already a deal with Alves, it's clear the Catalan press is pushing the club to act, go after the player and close the deal as soon as possible. If he wouldn't come in the end, it would be a big blow to the fans, having a very negative impact on the image on the board.

(read everything on the Alves transfer story here)


pep said...

° 28-30 million euro =

44,4-47,3 million us dollar
22,3-23,9 million british pound

* 22 million euro =

34,7 million us dollar
17,5 million british pound

Anonymous said...

Ruben de la Red is owned by Getafe. Real Madrid has a buy back clause, €4,5 millions.

Anyway, I hope we rellay close this deal as fast as possible because Schuster is desperate to get this player.

pep said...

I confused with Granero, thanks for that remark, changed that (although with that clause, he was something of a loan-out, an expensive one...). De la Red will - as it seems - come back to Madrid next season (and probably to stay, although there are offers for him).

They sold him last summer for 3 million euro. This summer they can buy him back for 4,5 million euro, next summer for 6 million euro.

Anonymous said...

It indeed would be a huge disappointment if he now would not come.

Anonymous said...

i would also like diego capel from sevilla !

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