Monday, 17 March 2008

Henry is Manchester City top target

British tabloid The Daily Star claims that Manchester City manager Sven-Göran Eriksson has made Barcelona forward Thierry Henry (30) his top target for the summer. Eriksson thinks the French international, who is unsettled in Barcelona both because of sports and private reasons, could lead Manchester City into the Champions League. The transfer price of at least 12,8 million euro (°) wouldn’t be a problem since Manchester City president and Thai billionaire Thaksin Shinawatra would allow Eriksson to spend a total of 128 million euro (°°) during the summer market.


pep said...

10 million British Pound
20,2 million US Dollar

100 million British Pound
202,1 million US Dollar

Anonymous said...

dont think the guy will betray arsenal but lets wait and see

pep said...

Would that really be felt by Arsenal fans as a betrayal? I mean, one of the other big names (Chelsea, Liverpool) I would ucderstand, but Manchester City?

Anyway, I think Barcelona will be willing to talk if a good bid comes in (12 million euro not being a good bid though).

Anonymous said...

There's no way Henry even would consider to go to Man City. I'm sure he will have a better second season in Barça.

groga said...

Let's hope so. I think a lot will depend on the next manager and the system he wants to play. The way Barcelona plays now just doesn't fit his style. He was simply miscasted by the staff.

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