Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Barcelona could make new MLS bid

Catalan sports paper El 9 Esportiu claims that Barcelona hasn't excluded the possibility of starting a franchise team in the Major League Soccer, the American football league.

A Barcelona board member confirmed to the paper that, after the failed Miami bid (read more here), Barcelona could try again later, although it won't happen soon:

"We have to be sure that Barça won't have to pay one euro. And that's difficult. We have to select our partner carefully. And the city as well. Miami was a bad choice."

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M10 said...

this would be cool, i wonder what city would be suitable

jester[HUN] said...

hy guys and pep did you see the barca squad page of the whole team milito is missing or I am blind/my eyes don't want to see him?
And if it's missing why???

Anonymous said...

So what city? Pittsburgh would be nice for me...but I doubt there's enough support there. St. Louis, maybe?

Marc4barca said...

Barcelona USA should be in st louis missori(i'm an orton fan)lol

M10 said...

I'd want it to be in california but theres already 3 MLS clubs here lol

i heard the miami deal didnt work out with barca being sponsored by nike and the MLS by adidas as one of the problems

Anonymous said...

Please dont invest in MLS, it is the most flawed league/system ever. for american soccer to be competitive it has to be totally restructured or our players must all go play in europe. Start barca youth academies instead in the states so we have something better than bullshit IMG. Hopefully afterwards the players can go abroad.

ifotbol said...

I think it would be good for the development of soccer in the USA. Also it's a good marketing strategy for them which would help them attract more revenue and fans. If they MLS accept the bid it would be a good sign for the league. Some players from the academy might even be loaned out to the US to get some experience before joining the B team or the first team.

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