Saturday, 22 August 2009

Puyol calm about contract renewal

Asked about the renewal of his contract that expires in 2010 (read more here), Barcelona central defender and Spanish international Carles Puyol (31) told journalists that he's not worried about it:

"I'm very calm about the matter. I'm not in a hurry. We're having some important games ahead now. I'm only thinking about winning the Super Cup against Athletic.

I leave the negotations in the hands of Ramon Sostres, my agent. He'll do what he has to do. Although I'm sure we'll find a solution before the end of the season."

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Oyedele 'El Phenomenon' Adebiyi said...

To the muslim brothers (especialy IBRA), enjoy the ramadan, but dont be tempted wit those laps of chicken i an seein in front of YOU!

How much do u think they can up his wages to? He should be given atmost 3yrs.

Oyedele 'El Phenomenon' Adebiyi said...

Does puyol have child or children?

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