Thursday, 20 August 2009

B-team players happy with confidence Guardiola

Barcelona Atletic players Andreu Fontàs and Jonathan dos Santos took part in yesterday's friendly game against Mancheser City and shared their thoughts with the club's official media:

"I'm going step by step. I continue to work and when I get a chance, I try to grab it. We have to be very satisfied because another coach wouldn't even know we exist but Guardiola gives us confidence and opportunities. I'm surprised that I continue to be with the first team but I'm very happy."

Dos Santos
"This is a place where I wanted to play since I was little and this dream has now come true. The confidence Guardiola is giving us is great. He's not putting any pressure on us, he tells us to go out there and show what we can, and luckily things are turning out well. I nevertheless know that I'm a Barcelona Atlètic player and that I can return to the second team at any time."

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Anonymous said...

Jonathan 2 Santos - I nevertheless know that I'm a Barcelona Atlètic player and that I can return to the second team at any time

What a matured one :)

mike said...

i hope he is more mature than his brother.

groga said...

He clearly is. He probably has learned from what happened to hisbrother last season: from the Camp Nou to the English 2nd league...

Messiah said...

Man im seriosly developing a man crush on Jonathan, this boy is going to go far. i hope he never leaves barca, future XAVI!

I love his attitude, not taking anything for granted. knowing he has to put work in day in and day out. that my friends is a formula for success. P.S screw his brother =)

mike in africa said...

ND, loving this little man! i'm tired of this giovanni bashing though; fans booed and showed no respect for him, and believe everything the media said about him wanting big money, let's just put it behind us, shall we?

Anonymous said...

Began to watch the game in the 2nd half on a very low
quality internet stream, where I couldn't see which player was having the ball until the camera zoomed in. This meant that I several times during the leg thought that Xavi, Iniesta or Henry was on the pitch, but when the camera zoomed it was either Jonanathan Dos Santos, Thiago or Gai. Of course it was only for moments I couldn't tell the difference. I think it was impressing!!!

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