Saturday, 22 August 2009

Ibrahimovic: "The atmosphere was fantastic"

Speaking to Italian sports paper La Gazzetta dello Sport, Barcelona forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic commented on his physical condition and on his debut on Wednesday:

"The important thing is that I'm back on the field. I had stopped for a month and have been training for one week. My physical condition is not the best and I'm still lacking some rhythm but at least I'm playing again.

What impressed me more than the numbers was the atmosphere, it was fantastic. I was not nervous, rather excited and happy. Here, everyone wants to make me feel good. They said that that night was a demonstration of the affection of the public. I'm having a hard time thinking of something better that has happened to me.

Every time you move to a new team you need to start from zero again to get used to the style. In Barcelona, it seems it is even more necessary. They have a very precise style, one that marks their identity. Adapting to that needs training and matches, which I still have not been able to do. It also needs knowing your teammates on and off the pitch.

Playing with Messi is a pleasure, it makes life easier. He gives you the ball in such a way that you have already done half the work. In Barcelona, everyone
, youngsters or stars, wants the ball, in a natural way, they never hide. It's a pleasure to play this way."

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Anonymous said...


ifotbol said...

The Camp Nou had a fantastic atmoshpere but it also demands results. Ibra is talented and skillfull so let's hope he can adapt fast to the style of play and show what he can do. With players like Messi and Xavi he will have no problems doing so.

Anonymous said...

Thiago utterly overshadowed Ibra the other day :p

Unknown said...

I am really impressed with Thiago. He is amazing, has confidence, vision and good passes. i think he is way better than Jeffren, Jonathan, Gai, Pedro and even Bojan, he is the midfield future. the kid is mature enough to play with Barca as a sub. i hope Guardiola promotes him to the first team this season.
As for Ibra, i think he has no match in his position at the time being. He will adapt soon, and make wonders in this club.

rObReV7 said...

Ive just got back from my holliday, and i cant wait to tell you guys!! I went to see the barca city match, and then afterwards in my hotel, i went into the lift and pressed the up button, and it went down. I was a bit confused, untill the dorrs opened and zlatan, henrique and maxwell walked in!!!!

Im not jokinggg!! it was bloody amazing! I have a photo ill send in in the next few days :)

pep said...

great, rObReV7!

you can send it to:

fcbtransfers [at] yahoo [dot] com

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