Friday, 21 August 2009

Sylvinho has deal with Corinthians

Brazilian sports paper Lance claims that former Barcelona left back defender Sylvinho (35), whose contract with Barcelona expired this summer and wasn't renewed (read more here), has reached a deal with Brazilian club Corinthians.

Close advisers of Corinthians president Andrés Sanchez reportedly confirmed to the paper that both the salary and the duration of the contract have been agreed upon.

Speaking to the paper, Corinthians sports director Mário Gobbi said that they officially couldn't yet speak with Sylvinho because of a contract the Brazilian left back had signed:

"It's a great player and we're interested. But there's one obstacle left: an option he has in Spain until 20 August. After that, we can sit down and talk. He's our main target but he signed a document and before that date, we cannot speak with him. He gave someone the exclusive right to talk with European clubs and when that right expires, he can start talking with clubs in Brazil.

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André said...

I miss Sylvinho......

peter said...

Ss do i. Maxwell is not the least better.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Luis Suarez is just ROCKING! 9 goals in 3 matches can you believe it!? He put 4 into the back of the net last night in their europa league qualifier match. 5 goals in the dutch elague in 2 matches :)

xaviniesta said...

nice sylvi congrats, at least i get to watch you and with ronaldo to boot!

ifotbol said...

Sylvinho is such a good player. He is the kind of player that others should emulate: always responsible and unselfish. He will have a great season in Corinthians with Ronaldo and other great players. Maxwell is like a younger and slightly less talented version of him. Good luck Silvinho.

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