Friday, 21 August 2009

Contract renewal Iniesta close

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona wants to renew the contract of Barcelona attacking midfielder and Spanish international Andres Iniesta (25).

Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain would therefore yesterday afternoon have met with the player's agent Ramon Sostres.

The club wants to close a deal as soon as possible and after this first meeting things would look good and an agreement could be found quickly. Barcelona has offered the player a pay rise, which will make Iniesta earn a similar salary as Barcelona player Xavi, and an extension of his contract with one more year, until 2015.

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Anonymous said...

hey pep, i just have one question , are the muslim players of barca will do the ramadan

pep said...

I'm not sure. They talked about it in the apst. I think they try to do it but if it's not possible, they kind of skip it and make up for it afterwards.

frett said...

Tie Iniesta down asap. Buyout: 250 millions. The one problem i see is that he might be a little injury prone.

Helge said...

Great news! He deserves it and he did not even ask for more money.

by the way, I really liked Iniesta's style during the TriCampions celebration. And during many moments of it, he outshone everyone else with his smile and pure expression of joy. I'll never forget these images!

Tudor said...

I think Toure will do the ramadan...He dad it also last year...It is hard to train withouth eating over the day but if he made it befire I am not worried for him now....for others I don`t now

TheHateYouGave said...

Yaya and Keita did last year although im not 100 % sure, but im definitly sure that Kanoute did the whole last year. I think like Pep said theyre gonna try, and with gods will they will make it. I did it too the whole last year while playing football (training, playing matches) and im planning to do it this year too(starts tomorrow:D). :D

ifotbol said...

Iniesta should have been renewed a long time ago. He is truly world-class although injury-prone. Nevertheless he can be trained in a similar manner as Messi has so that he can avoid injuries and play more regularly for the team. I hope he is ready for the start of the season as there is no other player like him, with the exception of Xavi and Messi.

Unknown said...

Am glad to be a barca fan

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