Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Guardiola thinks Ibrahimovic will adapt quickly

Speaking at a press conference, Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola praised Barelona's new signing Ibrahimovic's quality and adaptation:

"Ibrahimovic has adapted well to the team and to the people. Today, at the Gamper, we want him to start playing so he can catch the rhythm he is missing.

I don't think it will take Ibra a lot of time to get used to us. He has a lot of class and is the type of player who can adapt to any system. I am confident that he will do so as soon as possible. The most important thing is that he gets some playing time, but he is a very intelligent player and has already taken in our tactics. When I first saw him play I thought he was very big and tall but had a lot of quality, like someone who was much smaller. He dominates all aspects of the game.”

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Leon said...

when will the game start ?

H said...


H said...

9.15pm UK time

Anonymous said...

sth to watch while waiting :D

damn, he's amaizing...

Tohar Investment Limited said...

doubt he wont start,but i think bojan's gonna start

ograsrot said...

Super Anony-
that video was good-
can't wait for tonight

Anonymous said...

Go Barca!

Andréssibraviqué said...

EMD claims Laporta would have said to be keen to sign Robben or Higuain if the Madrid board are willing to sell them to us for a reasonable-market price... If suppose that happens who would you welcome, Robben or higuain? Me, I will go for Higuain. The man is a genuine striker, good poacher. Robben is a selfish mother fucker, don't want him any where near barcelona

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