Saturday, 22 August 2009

Guardiola: "Every trophy is important"

Speaking at a press conference earlier today, Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola stressed the importance of winning the first trophy of the season tomorrow:

"We're playing a final tomorrow and we won't hold back. We want to win the super cup. It would be something very positive to start the season with a trophy. That's why I ask my players to give everything as they should be aware that every trophy is important. It's a final and it's a privilege that we are able to play it.

I think the players are in good shape but we should be aware that Barcelona has only won one out of nine games we've played at the Camp Nou when the return game of the super cup was in Barcelona. So we should be careful. Bilbao will come out to pressure us so we need to attack wisely."


Anonymous said...

If Bilbao could NOT beat Barça B at home how are they going to deal with a full Barça squad(minus Iniesta)on the road ? They have no chance . Title number four is in the pocket !!

Conako said...


Please don't neglect Bilbao. Focus, Play for WIN! I make us Happy! :)

ifotbol said...

Barcelona is better and more powerful than Bilbao but in football nothing is decided so Barcelona must step into the field with the right mentality. They must pass the ball around and press the defense like they always do and the tropy will stay with them.

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