Thursday, 27 March 2008

Ronaldinho decision expected in June

Barcelona president Joan Laporta told at a conference that Barcelona playmaker Ronaldinho (28) isn't the main theme within the club at this moment, since Barcelona is still in the race for the two major trophies and the team, and not the individuals, is the most important thing for now. Still, Laporta denied that the relations with the club are permanently broken: "There is no divorce between Barça and Ronaldinho, nor between the player and myself. I've always had the utmost respect for the player. Ronaldinho has given a lot to Barcelona and I hope and believe that he will keep on doing that."

Catalan sports paper Sport nevertheless reports that the Ronaldinho case has been discussed for hours during the board meeting on Tuesday. The board decided that the members wouldn't pronounce anymore on Ronaldinho to avoid an intensification of the debate and that any decision is postponed until the end of the season. Madrid tabloid Marca assures that the Barcelona board has already taken the decision: Ronaldinho has to leave in the coming summer, even if this would mean they should let him go on a free transfer.

Meanwhile, British tabloid The Sun claims today that Barcelona would be willing to sell the Brazilian international for 15,3 million euro (°), with Chelsea being interested to sign the player. And Madrid tabloid Marca claims that Roberto de Assís, brother and agent of Ronaldinho ànd owner of Brazilian football club Porto Alegre, could use a new FIFA ruling to sign his brother for 16 million euro (°°) and then negotiate freely with interested clubs.

(read more on the Ronaldinho transfer story here)


pep said...

(°) 15,3 million euro =

24,1 million us dollar
12 million british pound

Anonymous said...

If some club wants to pay a decent price for him, you just should let him go. Let's not repeat last season's mistake and hold on to him.

pep said...

(°°) 16 million euro =

25,3 million us dollar
12,5 million british pound

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