Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Olympics: Argentina-Brazil

Argentina has today defeated Brazil in the semi-finals of the Olympic tournament. By winning 3-0, Argentina qualified for the final against Nigeria on Saturday.

Barcelona player Lionel Messi played the whole match.


Ramzi Tanani said...

Messi played great but is there anything new about that?:), Di Maria caught my eyes in this olympics, I believe he is a player with great potentials, gago impressed also and kun was a killer.Req is the maestro and mascherano a player i always feel bad about since barca wasted the opportunity to get him when he was still playing in argentina, they had to keep him in barca when he came once and played that friendly...in brief the best DM in the world.
Milan fans are scratching their heads for Roni show...wondering if25M deal was more emotional than realistic, but i guess its still too early to say so.
Hernanes is a good player but certainly not for the 15M demand of his club.Rofina was good, lucas the best in the team.Sobis good but still wonder y dunga substituted him when he started to become a threat, y not playing him and pato together instead of taking him off,pato in, then puting another striker in the field who did nothing...strange... (by the way i support argentina).
Finally Dunga got beated big time by a team with better quality and a coach who applied a better tactical structure.

Anonymous said...

I saw all Brazil games and believe it or not ronaldinho was so good and creative, he scored goals did tricks and was happy, I think that ronaldinho may get his best back if he does hard work, but there are lot of signs that he may be one of the world best someday. OR what do you think, everybody ??????? Please answer to me.

FCB-Fitz said...

Ronaldinho's biggest problem is still his lack of fitness. True, his passing skills were great; his free kicks were always dangerous; and as always, he was full of tricks and ball skills throughout the Olympics. There's simply no denying that he is still one of the most inherently talented players in the world. That being said, his movement on and especiialy off the ball was non-existant. He just stands there, waits for the ball, and when he gets it makes a decent pass. That's fine, and it does create some chances, but for a player of his talent, it just doesn't cut it. Perhaps with Kaka in midfield to play off of, that could work out fine. But three years ago, Ronnie was at his peak, and he was lightning fast and would run at two or even three defenders and breeze by them for either a shot or a pass to an open teammate. He just doesn't do that at his present fitness level. That means two things for AC Milan: (1) he still has the potential to be a truly great player again if he works his ass off and gets in shape; (2) however, if he does not, then 25m was too much to pay for him as he is not worth it. Either way, I think Barca made out ok in the end: he was a risk for any club so the price wasn't that bad, and I think he needed to move on to get the motivation to work as hard as he needs to. We saw over the last two years that the Barca colors no longer motivated him to get to his best.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie still has some weight to lose. Milan will probably get him into shape.

noubarca said...

Am happy for Messi but for once I wont be surppoting him simply cos am a NGERIAN!!! i wish him luck but I want my Nation to win Gold on Saturday.

nozbleed said...

Sergio Batista is really a great coach, he doesn't let out-of-form player plays, i would cuss him if he let Lavessi play yesterday. I am a fan of Angel Di Maria since i watched him play in the U-20 World Cup Canada alongside Aguero (top scorer) Maxi Moralez, Claudio Yacob, Emiliano Insua and Ever Banega. For the game against Brasil yesterday, Gago, Mascherano, Garay, Messi, Riquelme and Aguero were great. Hope they get the gold medal this Saturday 'cause this is important for Messi. Vamos Argentina!!

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