Friday, 15 February 2008

Drogba to Barça? Ronaldinho to Milan

Italian sports paper La Gazzetta dello Sport says today Ronaldo’s new injury obliges AC Milan to buy a class forward during the summer, with Chelsea’s Didier Drogba (29) being the top priority. Because the italians do not want to wait until José Mourinho (45) joins Barcelona and the Ivorian follows his favourite manager, Milan wants to close the deal as soon as possible now.

When Drogba in the end wòuld sign with Barcelona, Milan could come after Barcelona playmaker Ronaldinho (27). They assume that, with the transfer of Drogba, Barcelona would have to let go the Brazilian because he wouldn’t be needed anymore. Milan vice president Adriano Galliani is said to have for some months now regular contacts with Ronaldinho’s brother and agent Roberto, who would also be talking with Inter and Chelsea.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think with Ronaldinho to milan, all parties would gain. However, I don't think this should mean we buy Drogba.

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