Thursday, 21 February 2008

Analysis: Cruijff’s new job and the Barcelona manager debate

The return of Johan Cruijff (60) to Dutch top club Ajax Amsterdam as advisor has caused a lot of speculation on the influence this move will have on who will be the Barcelona manager next season.

The most heard comment is that Cruijff’s new job will distance him from the Catalan club and will therefore increase the chances of former Chelsea manager José Mourinho (45) to become the new Barcelona manager, since Cruijff won’t be there to veto him next summer.

I think the new twist indeed makes the arrival of Mourinho more probable but not because of the above mentioned reason. Cause if Cruijf really is influential in the Barcelona board, it doesn’t matter where he is or how much time he has. He will always be one phone call away and saying ‘no’ only takes a second.

The thing is that with Cruijff taking charge of his first love, it is almost certain that current Dutch national team coach Marco Van Basten (43) will become the new Ajax manager after Euro 2008. With Van Basten being seen as his biggest rival for the position, Mourinho is now clearly the front runner to replace current Barcelona manager Frank Rijkaard at the end of the season.

Said all that, it should nevertheless be kept in mind that if Barcelona wins a major trophy this season, Rijkaard will just continue and start his sixth season as Barcelona manager later this year.

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Anonymous said...

With you I'm glad it's not gonna be Van Basten, pep. ;)

For me the most important thing is the guy can motivate the squad. We have enough quality to play whatever system, it's all in the head.

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